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Alice In Rubberland:


Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema:

"Her Eyes Are with Her Thoughts
"The Year's At the Spring"
"The Roses of Hegiogabalus"
"Sappho and Alcaeus
"A Difference of Opinion
"The Finding of Moses

Arte Nativo Huichol del Estado de Nayarit:



Feu Barye:

"Lion en Bronze, Nouveau Louvre"

Yvonne Bell:

"Lord of the Dance"

Hieronymus Bosch:

"The Last Judgement"

Sandro Botticelli:

"The Adoration of the Magi
"The Mystical Nativity
"The Birth of Venus
"The Annunciation

Francois Boucher:

"Fountain of Love"

William-Adolphe Bouguereau:

"A Soul Brought to Heaven, One
"A Soul Brought to Heaven, Two
"The Proposal
"Art and Literature
"The Dance
"The Song of the Angels
"The Abduction of Psyche
"The First Kiss"
"The Annunciation"
"Work Interrupted"  (this page)

Sebastien Bourdon:

"Moses and the Brazen Serpent

Jonathon E. Bowser:

"Blue Angel"

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones:

"The Annunciation"
"The Golden Stairs"
"The Morning of the Resurrection"
"The Angel"
"The Star of Bethlehem"

B.R. Burton:

"Worthy Is the Lamb"
"Arise and let the Light of Mashiach shine upon thee"
"Moshe coming from Sinai
"Yochanan behold's the Aleph and Tav
"The Blueprint"



"Still-Life with Flowers and Fruit"
"The Concert

Lewis Carroll:

"Alice and the Caterpillar

Mickie Caspie

greeting card design
from the 2001 Jewish Art Calendar:
"November 2"
"November 3"
from the 2002 Jewish Art Calendar:

Paul Cezanne:

"Vessels, Fruit and Basket"
"Still Life"
"Still Life with a Basket (Kitchen-Table)"

Marc Chagall:

 "The White Crucifixion"
"The Dance
 "Exodus, One"
 "Exodus, Two
"The Parting of the Red Sea
"The Musician
"White Crucifixion 2"

Chalermchai Kositpipat:

"The Enlightened State of Mind"
"Heavenly Vehicle to Heaven"

Mark Chandler:

Wedding photograph

Cherished Teddies, Nativity Series:

"Celeste:  An Angel to Watch Over You

James C. Christensen:

from The Voyage of the Basset:

John K. Clark:

glasspaintings from Queen's Park Synagogue
"The Jewish Festivals -- Pesach -- Seder"
"The Jewish Festivals -- Sabbath"
"The Jewish Festivals -- Shavuos"
"The Jewish Festivals -- Yom Kippur"
"Shavuot -- The Giving of the Torah"

John Collier:

"Queen Guinivere's Maying

Pietro da Cortona:

"The Stoning of Stephen"

Piero di Cosimo:

"Moses and the Tables of Law

Pierre Auguste Cot:

"The Storm

Kinuko Craft:

"The Unicorn and the Virgin"
"Untitled (Dragon)"


Leonardo da Vinci:

"The Last Supper

Dar's Designs:

"Blue Angel
"Angel Rose
"Carried Away"
"Angel Rose Two"

Tamara de Lempicka:

"Portrait of Madame Boucard

Evelyn de Morgan:

"Flora, the Goddess of Blossoms and Flowers

Edgar Degas:

"The Dance Class"

Paul Delaroche:

"La Jeune Martyre"

Etheline E. Dell:

"Fairies and a Field Mouse

Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee:

"La Belle Dame sans Merci
"The Two Crowns"
"Romeo and Juliet"

Walt Disney Studios:

"Winnie the Pooh"
Illustrations on:
Alice: Intro
Alice One
"Mary Poppins"

Gustave Dore:

"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, One"
"Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Two

Herbet James Draper:

"A Water Baby
"Ulysses and the Sirens

Duccio di Buoninsegna:


Edmund Dulac:

"The Rubaiyat

John Duncan:

"Hymn to the Rose"
"The Adoration of the Magi"
"St. Bride"

Albrecht Durer:

"Apocalypse:  Dragon with Seven Heads
 "Apocalypse: Riders of the 4 Horses"
"The Adoration of the Lamb:  Hymn to the Chosen"

Anthony van Dyck:

"The Arrest of Sampson



Keisai Eisen

"View of Mt. Fuji from Nihonbashi"

M.C. Escher:

"Still Life with Spherical Mirror"
"Hand with Reflecting Globe

Sir John Everett:



Jim Fitzpatrick:

"Mullagh Mor"
 "Boann, the Cow Goddess
 "Cu Chulainn
"The Magic Cup
 "Twelve Wild Geese
 "Conan of the Fianna
"Fathac, Poet of the Firbolg
"The Shining Path
"Saint Mark
"Palu, the Cat Goddess
"The Dread Transformation of Senach the Spectre
"Diarmuid and Grianne

Howard Fox:

"The Tree of Life," ketubah

Leon Frederic:


R. Douglas Frederick:


Brian Froud:

"The Wood Wife
"Untitled, Two
from Labyrinth
"The Green Man"
"Untitled, Three"
"The Wood Wife 2"
"Green Man 2"
"Untitled, Five"
"Untitled, Six"


Thomas Gainesborough:

"Studies of a Cat"

Paul Gaugin:

"Ia Orana Maria (Hail Mary)"

Jean-Leon Gerome:

"Pygmalian and Galatea"

Anne Yvonne Gilbert:

"Untitled, One
"Untitled, Two

John William Godward:

"Dolce far Niente"
"The Favorite
"Noonday Rest
"The Betrothed
"The Balcony"

Vincent Van Gogh:

"Starry Night
"Branches of an Almond Tree"
"Garden of Irises"

Nikolaos Gyzis:


John William Hennessey:

"Mon Brave"

Edward Hicks:

"The Peaceable Kingdom
"Noah's Ark

Utagawa Hiroshige:

"Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji

Gwynedd Hudson:

Illustrations on:
Alice One
Alice Two

Henry J. Hudson:

"Neaera Reading a Letter from Catallus

Arthur Hughes:

"Ophelia - And He Will Not Come Back Again"

Edward R. Hughes:

"Night with Her Train of Stars
"The Shrew Katherina"
"Oh, What's That in the Hollow?"

William Holman Hunt:

"The Lady of Shallot"
"The Light of the World"



A.E. Jackson:

  Illustrations on:
Alice One
Alice Two

Leavenworth Jackson:

"Tweedledum and Tweedledee


Kimhi's Compendium.  MS. Kennicott 1, Spain, 1476:

folio 443:
"An Army of Cats Storming a Castle Defended by Mice"
folio 8 verso:
"Arabesques of Birds and Animals"

Gustav Klimt:

"Death and Life
"Farm Garden with Sunflowers


Bracha Lavee:

"Jerusalem Gates"
"Women of the Bible

Edmund Blair Leighton:

"The Accolade"

Frederick Lord Leighton:

 "Cymon and Iphigenia"
"Flaming June
"The Music Lesson"
"The Reconciliation of the Montagues and Capulets over the Dead Bodies of Romeo and Juliet"

Tamara de Lempicka:

"Portrait of Madame Boucard"
"Kizette on the Balcony"
"Girl with Gloves"



Daniel MacLise:

"Procession of Shakespeare's Characters"

Rene Magritte:


Henri Matisse:

"The Dinner Table"

Rodney Matthews:

"Jim's Last Ride"
"A Caucus Race"
"Painting the Roses"
"The Caterpillar"
"At the March Hare's Table"
"The Knave on Trial"
"The House on the Rock"
"Fall, Babylon, Fall"
"Lament for the Weary"
"A Voice Like Thunder"
"The Two Hundred Million"
"Into the Abyss"
"The Throne in Heaven"
"Fallen from Heaven"
"The Second Sounding"
"The New Jerusalem"
"Perpetual Defiance"
"A to Z of the Supernatural"
"A Woman Clothed with the Sun"
"Peace ... at Last"
"Time to Turn"
"The Throne in Heaven 2"
"The Last Ship Home"
"The Walled City"

"Arise and let the Light of Mashiach shine upon thee"
"Moshe coming from Sinai
"Yochanan behold's the Aleph and Tav
"The Blueprint"
"Worthy Is the Lamb"


"The Creation of Man" from the Sistine Chapel
"David and Goliath"

Sir John Everett Millais:

"The Order of Release

Albert J. Moore:

"A Reader"

Evelyn de Morgan:

"Flora, the Goddess of Blossoms and Flowers

William Morris:

"Brother Rabbit Chintz
"The Strawberry Thief
from The Wood Beyond the World

Sara Morton, Site One:

"Measuring Heaven
"Cactus Encounter"
"X, Y and Tumbledown Z "
"The Estimated Size of Heaven"

Sara Morton, Site Two:

"Jesus 2000"
"The Moon's the North Wind's Cookie"

 Alphonse Maria Mucha:

"Portrait of Josephine Crane Bradley"
"The Twelve Months:  November
from "The Judgment of Paris"
"The Slav Epic" (poster)



"My Heart Leaps Up," woodcut 


Maxfield Parrish

"The Gardens of Allah"
"Lute Players

Charles E. Perugini:

"Girl Reading
"Title Unknown

Mark Podwal:

"Chad Gadya"

Beatrix Potter:


Nicolas Poussin:

"The Summer (Ruth and Boaz)"
"Jesus Healing the Blind of Jericho"


Arthur Rackham:

Illustrations on:
Alice One
Alice Two

Rachel Anderson:

"Untitled, One"
"Amy 2
"Lion of Judah"
"Lion of Judah
"Untitled, Three
"Untitled, Four"
"Untitled, Five"
"Untitled, Six
"Untitled, Seven"
"Untitled, Eight
"Ducks on a Pond"
"Fall Woods"
"Nancy's Page"
"Moishe's Quotations"


"Saint Michael Trampling the Satan
"The Transfiguration"
 "The Vision of Ezekiel
"The Entombment
"The Nymph Galatea
"The School of Athens"
"The Prophet Isaiah"
"The Miraculous Draught of Fishes"

Linda Ravenscroft

"Holly and Ivy"
"Carol Singing"
"The Circle of Seasons"
"Feline Spirit"
"The Secret Garden"

Helen Nelson Reed:



"The Sacrifice of Isaac


"Untitled," photograph

Diego Rivera:

"Pre-Hispanic America
"The Maize Festival
 "Festival de las Flores

Norman Rockwell:

"Flying High
"100th Year of Baseball"

Dante Gabriel Rossetti:

"La Ghirlandatta
"The Beloved
"Joan of Arc Kisses the Sword of Liberation

Henri Rousseau:

"La Femme Exotique

Peter Paul Rubens:

"Samson and Delilah"
"Daniel in the Lion's Den"



Pencil drawing based on Reiko Shimitsu's "Ace of Cups"
Negative of pencil drawing, 
based on Reiko Shimitsu's "Ace of Cups" 

Georges Seurat:

"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"
"The Seine at La Grande Jatte"


Charles Joseph Frederic Soulacroix:

Randal Spangler:

"Dragon's Dream"

Thomas Ralph Spence:

"Sleeping Beauty

Mary Baxter St. Clair:

"Messenger of Love"

John Melhuish Strudwick:

"'The Music, Faintly Falling, Dies Away'"
"The Music of a Bygone Age"
"When Apples Were Golden and Songs Were Sweet,
but Summer Had Passed Away"
"My Beloved Has Gone Down to His Garden"
"An Angel"

Arthur Szyk:

from Illuminations:  Arthur Szyk's Haggadah
Library of Congress
"Passover Table"
"The Parting of the Red Sea"
"The Search for Leaven"
"The Rescue of the Infant Moses"
"The Four Sons"
"The Exodus"
"Moses in Battle with the Amalekites"
"The Divine Pledge"
"The Bread of Affliction"
"We Were Slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt"
"The Four Questions"
"With Unleavened Bread and Bitter Herbs"


John Tenniel:

Illustrations on: 
Alice Intro
Alice One
Alice Two

Gloria Thomas:

from Revelations:  Visions of the Second Coming from the Old and New Testaments
"The Archangel Michael"
"The Apostle John"
"The Dragon"
"John's Vision"
"The Woman Giving Birth"
"The Four Creatures"
"The Four Winds"
"The Black Horse"
"The Battle"
"The Angel Choir"
"The Harlot, Babylon"
"The Pale Horse"

Louis Comfort Tiffany:

stained glass:
 "The Last Supper
"The Tree of Life"


"The Three Ages of Man

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec:

"Moulin Rouge"
poster: "The Moulin Rouge

Joe Tucciarone:

"The Creation of a Star"
"Star Clouds"
"Betelguese Supernova"

J. M. W. Turner:

"Dido Building Carthage"


Although I have done my best to locate and request permission to use all the works of art on my pages (except for those in the public domain, which are not copyright), some paintings, photographs, and illustrations were uncredited when I found them and I am unable to identify the artists.  I am listing them as "artist" or "photographer unknown."  If you recognize any of these pictures, please let me know so that I can obtain proper permission to use them on my site. Thanks!

artist unknown:

"Precious Angel"
"Baby Angel
"Fairy Woods
"Animal Puzzle One"
"Animal Puzzle Two"
"Animal Puzzle Three"
"Celtic Tree of Life
"Untitled Thai design"
"Angel Wings"

photographer unknown:

"Snowy Woods"
"Horse-drawn Carriage
"Forest Primeval"
"Night Storm
"Arctic Sunset
"Ukrainian Eggs"
"Ukrainian Eggs Two


Anthony van Dyck:

"The Arrest of Sampson

Vincent Van Gogh:

"Starry Night"
"Garden of Irises"
"Branches of an Almond Tree"

Marshall Vandruff:

"Mad Tea Party"

Elihu Vedder:

"The Cup of Death"
"The Sorrowing Soul between Doubt and Faith"

Jan Vermeer:

 "Allegory of the Faith"
"Christ in the House of Mary and Martha"

Jan Victors:

"The Banquet of Esther and Ahasuerus"

Leonardo da Vinci:

"The Last Supper"



Josephine Wall:

"Millennium Tree"
 "Spirit of Flight
"Winter Dreaming
"The Enchanted Crystal"

Walt Disney Studios:

"Winnie the Pooh
Illustrations on:
Alice Intro
Alice One
Alice Two
"Mary Poppins"

Randy Wang:

"Drawing Tears"

Arthur Wardle:

"A Resting Leopard"

Colonel Charles Waterhouse:

"First Casualties

John William Waterhouse:

"The Mermaid
 "Hylas and the Nymphs"
"La Belle Dame sans Merci"
 "My Sweet Rose
"The Lady of Shallot
"Tales from the Decameron"

Frederick J. Waugh:

"Knight of the Holy Grail"

James Abbott McNeill Whistler:

"Symphony in White Number 1: The White Girl"

Sulamith Wülfing:

"The Message"
"The Wings"


Tetsuki Yokota:

"An Extinct Wild Cherry Tree"



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