Most of these recipes are at least vegetarian, with the exception of chicken soup and crab casserole, and many of them are vegan.  I eat mostly vegetarian because my son and older daughter are vegans and my younger daughter, like myself, eats no red meat.  I like to call myself a "fifth day vegetarian" ... I will eat nothing God created on the same day He created me!  So fish and fowl, which were created on Day Five, are okay to eat, at least sparingly; but red meat, being created on Day Six along with mankind, is a little too cannibalistic for me ... not to mention all the health, environmental, and just plain cuddly reasons for not eating them.  Most of these recipes are modifications of recipes I found in books or got from friends, although some are "my own invention" -- and as my family will attest, they are delicious and prove that meat is not necessary to an enjoyable and nutritious diet.  For more about what I believe, click here.  For another Christian perspective on vegetarianism, click here.  But most of all, enjoy the food God has created for us, both for nourishment and pleasure.

Many of the vegetarian recipes can be 
made vegan with the substitution of soy if you don't eat animal products, check out the vegetarian recipes anyway -- you may find some you can adapt.





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