MY HUSBAND:  A computer professional at a well-known Ivy League University, which shall remain nameless to protect his privacy...
he is currently in charge of the campus-wide printing network, 
and still finds time to keep all our home computers working!  His page:
Rick's Home Page

MY SON:  In his late twenties; an artist obsessed with sacred geometry...
he is busy working on computer models ( and physical ones, as well ) 
of his mathematical creations, which will eventually be seen on

Loden's Page

currently very under construction ...
has had his artwork on display in the world-famous Moosewood Restaurant! 

 "Hand with Reflecting Globe," by M.C. Escher
All M.C. Escher works (c) 2000 Cordon Art BV - Baarn - the Netherlands. 
All rights reserved.  Do not copy without permission.

MY OLDER DAUGHTER: Also an artist, 
her drawings and photographs adorn some of my pages; 
recently married to a drummer, they lived for a time in a Christian commune where they ministered to street people
and participated in a myriad of inner city ministries,
as well as working in the recording company ...
her web page is wonderful:

The community where she and her husband lived is awesome,
sharing Jesus' love with a hurting world.
They publish a magazine and books, produce numerous bands
put on an annual music festival
and, of course, have their own web page:
 Jesus People USA

Talented both academically and artistically
she is also committed to serving Y'shua, 
and hopes to work with Jews for Jesus while attending college...
(1) serving God; (2) music; (3) languages, especially french...
despite all our parental efforts, she loves NYC!
And not only does she have her own  amazing web page, 
she is the one who showed me how to make mine!

 Sarah's Page


Okay, so we also have two appalling cats, Plum and Callie. 
Plum is short for Plumbum, because she is the color of lead; 
she is also bulemic, vomitting after most meals 
to keep her girlish figure and drive us crazy; 
and although she is 15 years old, 
she still has not figured out how to retract her claws 
when she walks across our laps!


Callie is short for calico, which she is...sort of. 
She is white all over, except for black and orange rings on her tail 
and black and orange markings on the top of her head and upper face. 
Also 15 years of age, she used to be extremely obese 
and was always accused of being pregnant 
( although neutered at six months ); 
but now, through careful dietary control, she rivals Plum's slenderness...
except for that hanging bag of skin beneath her tummy! 
She loves breads and sweets, chewing through plastic bags to get at them, 
and is a budding vegetarian...eats any vegetables you give her, 
even onions and mushrooms, and even without butter!

You can read my grandmother's story by clicking here:


A Mothers Love
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"A Mothers Love" 
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Background:  "Primavera," by Sandro Botticelli
Illustrations:  "Hand with Reflecting Globe," © by M.C. Escher
sketch by Sarah,© 2000, photographs by Raichle, © 2000
wedding photograph by Mark Chandler, © 1999
"Symphony in White Number 1: The White Girl," 
by  James Abbott McNeill Whistler