I used the following books in writing my teaching on the Feasts of Israel:

The Gospel and the Feasts of Israel, by Victor
The Fall Feasts of Israel, by Mitch and Zhava
The Meaning and Importance of the Jewish
                     Holidays, by John Fischer 
"Israel My Glory," Vol. 49, No. 4, August/
                     September 1991 
Christ in the Passover, by Moishe and Ceil Rosen
"God's Work in the Feasts of Jehovah," in The
                     Chosen People, June 1992 

There are many other books available on the feasts.  They can be found at these web sites:

 Jews for Jesus Bookstore

 Ariel Ministries On-Line Catalog

 Chosen People Ministries Online Store

 Lederer / Messianic Jewish Webstore

 MessiahNet MJMI Messianic Megamall

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Background:  "The Jewish Festivals -- Shavuos"
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