5 or 6 large mild chilies
1 1/2 lb. (24 0z.) grated jack and/or cheddar cheese
1 package egg roll skins
1 can enchilada sauce
oil for frying

Chop chilies. Saute in oil until tender.  
Place 2-3 Tbsp. grated cheese in the center of an egg roll skin;
top with a spoonful of sauted pepper.  Wet edges of egg roll skin with water, fold opposite sides over, roll up egg roll fashion, seal with water if necessary, and set aside.  Repeat with remainder of skins, cheese, and peppers.

Heat about half an inch of oil in a frying pan.  Fry rellenos until
brown, turn, and brown other side.

Serve hot with enchilada sauce.

Makes 6-8 servings.

This recipe can be made vegan by substituting soy cheese;
if you get a good brand, you can hardly tell the difference.


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Background:  "Pre-Hispanic America," by Diego Rivera