This timeline should be read as follows:

     FEASTS OF ISRAEL:  Names each of the seven feasts of Israel, with both their Hebrew and English names, and includes the relevent verse(s) in Leviticus.

     JEWISH CALENDAR:  Gives the date on the Jewish calendar for each feast, as prescribed in Scripture.

     CALENDAR 1999:  Shows the date on the 1999 Roman calendar on which each corresponding Feast of Israel occurs (sorry, you'll have to look up the dates for this year on a 2000 calendar...). This is different each year, as the Jewish calendar has a different number of days from the Roman calendar.

     NOTE:  This does NOT mean the Rapture will occur on the date given in 1999; it simply means that Rosh Hashanah will occur on that date in this particular year!

     PROPHETIC EVENT:  This is the prophetic event fulfilled in each of the feasts of Israel.  The first four have already been fulfilled, we are now in the Church Age, and the final three will be fulfilled on the corresponding feasts, but, again, NOT (necessarily) on the date given for the feast in 1999!

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